Blood Drug Testing

Cocaine or ‘coke’ has become a fashion statement drug amongst teenagers. The consumption of cocaine has become obligatory to be part of certain college groups. Cocaine abuse is also publicized by celebrities and nearly every other celebrity is engaged in its use. Recent survey shows around 14% of all adults in US have tried cocaine. Thus, the percentage proves that every other individual knows about cocaine and it is the popular drug among all.

Cocaine is a very dangerous drug and an individual become its prey easily after first attempt. The main reason behind getting cocaine addiction is once a person tries it, he gets a supernatural feeling. This feeling make him believe he is more efficient and productive in his daily work. Therefore the stamina to accept cocaine increase and within no time, person get addicted.

Disadvantages of Cocaine Consumption

Cocaine abuse has severe disadvantages and it destroys a person physically and mentally. Increased cocaine abuse can even result in death.  Cocaine abuse has short term and long term effects on abuser. Talking about short term effect, loss of appetite is one major side effect. Many people consume cocaine with the intention to lose weight due to loss of appetite and become addicted. Although they become successful in reducing weight but indulges themselves in other problem such as addiction and malnutrition.

High body temperature, dilated pupils and rapid and pressured speech are also some of the short term affects. It was reported that heart rate increases rapidly after cocaine consumption which result in heart attacks.

One major affect of cocaine consumption is the feeling of superiority which an abuser gets immediately after the intake of drugs. The drug hits certain brain chemicals which create a sensation of feeling ‘high’. Most celebrities consume cocaine due to this good feeling and forget the negativities attached with it.

In the long term, consumption of cocaine result in physical health issues such as heart diseases, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal problems and coma. If a person is consuming drugs through nose, there is a risk of damage in nasal passage and the abuser can permanently lose his sense of smell.

Similarly if the intake is through smoking, lungs are severely damaged.

Emotional and psychological impact of cocaine abuse

After a certain period, the abuser does not get the feeling of being supernatural. Instead anxiety level highly increases resulting in depression. In many cases, abusers get frequent suicidal thoughts and many even attempt for suicides.

Discussing the psychological effects of cocaine abuse, some highlighted problems include restlessness, mood swings, hallucinations and paranoia.

Drugs steal the relationships of abuser. Due to behavioral problems such as lying and short temperedness, even the close relation such as best friend or spouse withdraws contact with the abuser thus leaving him more depressed and lonely.

Cocaine abuse also leads to crime and violence. Once a person become addicted, he needs a regular dose on time. Therefore if an addict cannot buy the dose due to any financial problem, he can easily commit any sort of crime such as theft, robbery or even murder to get money and buy drugs.